What We Do

Nancy Weinman, A.I.A., is the owner and principal architect at Weinman Architectural Services, a boutique architectural and design firm with offices in New York City and Sedona Arizona.  Nancy currently holds active licenses in both New York State and Arizona, and has past licenses in California and New Mexico. She is accredited with the National Council of Architects Board. She is also a certified construction manager. The US Government General Services Administration has certified Nancy as a woman-owned business. This permits her to bid on and to manage government construction projects. Nancy has been adjunct professor at New York University School for 8 years and taught several courses in construction management.

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Architecture & Planning

 Since 1984, Nancy Weinman has been turning her clients’ visions into reality. Nancy has learned that too many proposed designs cannot in the end be built because of budgetary limitations. To avoid having to compromise at the end, Nancy produces her designs to be both beautiful and achievable for her clients. Her extensive contraction management skills enable her to track the expenditures continually as the project is being completed. She works very closely with her clients and the contractors to avoid later stage cost overruns. 

Her knowledge of building codes in New York City allows her to swiftly gain approvals from the Building Department, and building management. In the event a consultant is needed, she knows who to reach out to for prompt results.

In Sedona, Nancy has an excellent personal relationship with the local county and city officials in the building departments.

Examples of successful projects she has completed include: state approval for the 5000 ATM machine locations in California, multiple local and state approvals when she was managing Macy’s store construction and build-outs, approval for apartment and condominium remodeling in multiple high end NYC buildings.


Interior Design

Nancy has a strong passion and sensitivity for interior design and décor. Furnishings, and furniture materials excite her creativity. Nancy has traveled the world and has derived inspiration and ideas from many regions. She is able to source materials from many areas and countries. Whether it is handmade tiles from Morocco, door hardware or a picture frame from the Paris flea market or simply a particular color seen on a Cambodian scarf or an Indian sari that adds the extra flourish, Nancy incorporates this broad palette of design ideas into her projects.

In Sedona, many of her clients are older and are looking for a second home. Nancy has experience bringing accessible design features into the home designs so that they are ADA compatible. These include bathroom and bathtub access and hallways and doors that can be handicap accessible.

Nancy started to design ecological homes while in New Mexico, long before it became so fashionable.  This environmentally sensitive style couples well with her personal philosophy derived from her yoga practice. Her homes are airy and open and exude a real sense of harmony and quietude.  Her designs incorporate both active and passive solar features and include well-insulated walls and ceilings, and energy-efficient windows.


Project Management

A big part of a successful project that buyers are often unaware of is construction management.  What is project management? In its simplest form, it is how the project moves along at each step of the way. When properly done by an expert such as Nancy, it helps to minimize risk so that her clients do not have exposure to big design errors or cost overruns. Nancy’s job is to get her clients the “best buy for their bucks”.

When you are contracting with a general contractor or making large purchases of materials or furnishings, you need an expert on your side to represent your interests. You are entitled to protection.  Most likely, you will only build one home or remodel one apartment.  You need someone with experience to interact with the professionals you are hiring to complete the job who has your interest first and foremost.

Nancy is a certified construction manager. She has years of construction experience and has handled large construction projects such as a new Macy’s department store or smaller ones like a new medical office condominium in mid-town Manhattan. Very few architects are also expert construction managers. Nancy has a rare set of skills. 


Land Acquisition & Home Development


Most people never get the opportunity to purchase land for a new home or go through the entire building process to create their dream home. And for many people, they are not even sure what they really want their dream home to look like or how large it should be.

Having an experienced, certified consultant to assist and guide you through the process is an invaluable asset that help get the project off on the correct path. We have seen too many situations where the buyers’ ideas for their dreams are incompatible with the lot they purchased, forcing them to either sell off the land or settle for less for their once-in-a-lifetime dream hope. We help prevent this from happening.

The building lot that you select sets the stage for the type, size, and orientation of the new home. All too often we have found that the new homeowner bought their building lot with little knowledge of building costs, building codes, and homeowner association rules and regulations. This initial decision is crucial in establishing the foundation upon which the rest of the project is based.

Weinman Architectural Services, working in conjunction with Little Round Top Developers, have been successfully developing luxury personal residences in the Sedona area. We help buyers develop a concept of their dream home, find a suitable lot that can accommodate this home and give the buyer some idea of building costs and budgeting required to complete the process. We also have an inventory of existing building lots that some buyers find helpful.

We do not have a vested interest in which lot our client buys. Our mission is to help make sure you do not buy the wrong lot for the house you ultimately want to create. We work closely with all of the major realtors in Sedona to help with land selection.

We base our recommendations on our client’s wishes and hard facts. We will identify any due diligence that needs to be done prior to the sale. We can provide a scope of work estimate for the house and the types of interior finishes that the buyer is considering. An on-site visit by a qualified general contractor, a certified architect, and an excavation contractor is included in our service fee.

We strongly believe that our fee for this process is a great value for our clients and can help avoid serious problems down the line for home design and construction and save our clients thousands of dollars in extra costs and delays.